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Better Than Kegels 2020

I dutifully started doing Kegels in my early 50’s as “the right thing to do” to minimize the downsides of aging. In my early 60’s, when I started having rare, minor, urinary leakage events when I sneezed, I discovered that the Kegels didn’t do any good. I increased my compliance but seemingly without results.

Every year or so, I reviewed the medical literature and every year the results were the same: Kegels were superior to medications or surgeries for preventing urinary leakage except in more extreme cases. Back to the Kegels. But then I found this Pilates YouTube and Jessica’s refinement was spot-on for me.

Here’s a link to the game changer for me:

I immediately liked her image of drawing my tailbone towards my navel, which I’ve refined to only thinking about tucking my tailbone, and that was the end of my problems-100%. Couldn’t be easier. Once I identified and toned those muscles, I stopped worrying about doing them. Now and then, I’ll do 10 reps when standing around, or in bed when I need to quiet my mind. The natural flexion response to an approaching sneeze now effortlessly recruits those muscles in me, so I’m good. Ahhh....